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Cefaclor Dosage

Related post: Dritte Auflage. Wien, 1885. Leidenfrost, Ivan Gottlob. De aquae communis nonnullis qualitatibus tractatus. Dinsburgi ad Rhenum, 1756. 8vo. Contains the so-called " Leidenfrost's Experiment." Opuscula physico-chemica et medica . . . Lemgoviae, 1797-98. 4 vols., 8vo. Published after his death in 1794. Lellmann, Eugen. Principien der organischen Synthese. Berlin, 1887. pp. xi-511, 8vo. Le Marchand, E. V. Chimie de I'unite ; etude comparative des mathematiques cosmiques par la science de I'arithmetique naturelle. Caen, 1886. 6l4 BIBLIOGRAPHY OF CHEMISTRY. Lemery, Nicolas. Cours de chimie contenant la maniere de faire les operations qui sont en usage dans la medecine, par une methode Cefaclor 375mg facile ; avec les raisonnements sur chaque operation, pour I'instruction de ceux qui veulent s'appliquer a cette science. Paris, 1675. 8vo. Deuxieme edition. Paris, 1677. [Other Paris editions.] Paris, 1679, 1682, 1683, 1687, 1690, 1696, 1697, 1698, 1701. Di-xieme edition. Paris, 17 13. * Onzieme edition, revue, corrigee et augmentee par I'auteur. Paris, chez Jean Baptiste Delespine, 1730. pp. [xxiv]- 938-Qviii], 8vo. Portrait and plates. [Another edition ] Paris, 1738. [Other editions.] Leyde, 1697, 1716, 1730. 8vo. Bruxelles, 1744, 1747. 8vo. Avignon, 1751. 4to. Amsterdam, 1682 and 1698. 8vo. * Nouvelle edition revue, corrigee et augmentee d'un grand nombre de notes et de plusieurs preparations chymiques qui sont aujourd'hui d'usage et dont il n'est fait aucune mention dans les editions de I'auteur, par [Theodore] Baron. Paris, 1756. pp. [iv]-xxiv-945, 4to. 9 folding plates. Het philosoophische laboratorium, of der chymisten stook- huis, leerende . . . alle de gebruikelykste medica- menten op de chymische wyse Cefaclor Dosage bereiden. Na het laatste France exemplaar en met noodige aanteikeningen ver- rijkt. Amsterdam, 1683. 8vo. * A Course of Chymistry, containing the easiest manner of performing those operations that are in use in physik. Illustrated with many curious remarks and useful dis- courses upon each operation. Together with additional remarks to the former operations, the process of the volatile salt of tartar and some other useful prepara- tions by way of appendix. Translated by ^Valter Harris. London, printed for Walter Kettilby at the Bishop's Head in St. Paul's Church- Yard, 1680. pp. [xxxiv]-323-[xv]-[xv]-i4o-[xii], i2mo. The title-page to "A Course of Chemistry" is dated 1677, and to the " Appendix " i68o. A Course of Chymistry . . . Second edition inlarged. Translated from the fifth edition in the French by W. Harris. London, 1686. 8vo. Also, London, 1698. SECTION V. CHEMISTRY, PURE AND APPLIED. 615 Lemery, Nicolas. [Cont'd.] A Course of Chemistry, containing an easie method of pre- paring those chymical medicines which are used in physick, with curious remarks upon each preparation, for the benefit of such as desire to be instructed in the knowledge of this art. The fourth edition translated from the eleventh edition in the French which has been revised, corrected and much enlarged beyond any of the former. London, 1720. 8vo. Cours de Chymie, oder der vollkommene Chymist, welcher die in der Medizin gebriiuchlichen Processe machen lernt. Dresden, 1734. 8vo. 111. ^A^ Dresden, 1754. 8vo. Another edition, 1698. Corso di chimica. Venezia, 1732. 8vo. Du Fresnoy names an Italian edition dated 1700, also at Venezia, but gives no particulars. Hoefer assigns the date 1763. Cursus chymicus, continens modum parandi medicamenta chymica usitatoria brevi et facili methodo una cum notis et dissertationibus super unamquamque praepara- tionem. Ex ultima editione Gallica Latine versus.
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